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Submitted by Al.Reaud on Tue, 06/14/2011 - 21:36

Colorado businesses have a lot of regulation to follow. The following are some of the pertinent locations to look for information for starting, registering, or any other Colorado business matter.

  • Business Center.  Colorado Secretary of State site, exhaustive site.
  • Colorado Plumbing Board.  Department of Regulatory Agencies Examining Board of Plumbers.
  • Document E-Filing.  Colorado Secretary of State page for e-filing certain documents.  NOTE:  This is not a free service, depending of the document filed.
  • Records Search.  Search a business record in Colorado.  Search by business name, trademark, trade name, record ID or document number, or name availability.  Colorado Secretary of State page.
  • Checklist for New Businesses.  Colorado Secretary of State information page for new businesses.

Checked: 2016-11-14

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