Testifying of Deliverance

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Submitted by Al.Reaud on Sun, 09/15/2013 - 19:42

This story is a story about deliverance. To many of my friends this writing will seem strange coming for me. Some may even abandon the friendship and run away screaming. That's your right, LOL. It's a scary concept, that our afflictions and addictions are the result of demonic oppression (not possession, don't confuse the two). Deliverance is definitely a concept foreign to many, including most of the body of the Church. To most, the best that can describe it is exorcism.

So I had deliverance done a few weeks back, at All Nations Church, 1412 Webster Ave in Fort Collins, (970) 493-7938. I went into the deliverance with full skepticism. I believed it to be something akin to hypnosis or suggestion. Folks, I tell you the truth, I was totally WRONG!

So I got delivered of the demon of addiction, and the demon of anger. It is astounding. The following occurred:

  1. I lost the urge to consume marijuana. It just went away. This from a medical marijuana user who smoked at least a gram or more per day. Gone, 4 Sunday's ago. I've smoked marijuana almost every day since I was eleven, except for Navy boot camp, being in jail, or being broke.
  2. I lost the urge to drink. Not that I had drunk much prior, but I did like my single malt scotch quite well. Done with it, just like that.
  3. I stopped biting my nails, a bad habit that I've had since childhood.
  4. I lost the urge to touch myself, i.e. spanking the monkey. No need to look at porn henceforth to fulfill that need of the flesh. (I still wake up most mornings with an ingrown woodie, but I just keep my hand away and it goes away on it's own.)

That was just from one deliverance. That was four weeks ago, and the result of that deliverance is still the same. NO URGES. So what's up with that? Do you believe in Christ? I sure didn't prior, and blasphemed the Word regularly. Most of my friends will recognize that statement as true.

So Christ worked in me, showed that HE IS TRUE, and that I was wrong for many, many years. If you don't believe, that's fine, and that's your prerogative, and you won't be bothered by me about it. I'm just here to testify and plant the seed. If you want to have God grow that plant that was seeded, you must water and nurture it, just like any plant. And like a seed, you must die to your old self, so that a fruitful tree may grow in it's place…

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