Prayers for Israel and Our Nation

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Submitted by Al.Reaud on Sat, 11/12/2016 - 14:08

Heavenly Father we come to You in joyful praise and worship, in acknowledgement that we are but sinful dust, not worthy of Your never ending mercy and love. We thank You for all Your many wondrous blessings, for Your care, for the bountiful harvest you provide, and for Your Word!

Heavenly Father, we lift up Israel to You and we ask You for her safety, her prosperity, her peace and for Your blessing on her. We know that Israel has a special place in Your heart, and that You anointed Israel to bring knowledge of You to the world through her. We ask for a hedge of Your mighty protection around her, and that You shield her from the many enemies that surround her.

We also lift the United States of America to You, Heavenly Father, and ask for Your mighty wings to cover our great nation as an eagle covers her chicks. We ask for peace, unity, and understanding in our land. We ask that You provide our leaders with wisdom, courage, and a heart to follow in all of Your ways. We ask You, Father, for the healing of our nation, as only You can heal Jehovah-Rafah, and we ask for reconciliation between all people in our land, between the races, and between those who have been blessed and those that are being tested in the fire. We especially ask for reconciliation with Your daughter Israel, and that all issues between our nations dissipate in the light of Your infinite justice, mercy and glory.

We ask these things of You Heavenly Father, in Jesus's name, AMEN! Thank you Father!

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