Prayers for kitty friends that got abandoned or lost...

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Submitted by Al.Reaud on Sun, 11/06/2016 - 16:22

Heavenly Father I come to You humbly requesting that You provide for my two kitty friends that were abandoned or lost on Halloween evening and You bought to my door. You, who knows all, knows where my heart is, and I thank You for the short time we had together, and for allowing me to feed and love on them. Your will be done regardless of what I want, but I ask, Heavenly Father, that you provide a good forever home for them and that you allow those two furry hugs to bring joy, love, and peace into the lives of the individuals You have intended for them. Thank you, Father, because we know that all good things come from you. I pray in Jesus's name, Amen.

Heavenly Father, I just ask that You fill my heart with forgiveness, understanding, and allow me to rest in You and Your peace, with respect to the reason and issue as to why I couldn't take care of them further. You know all, Father, You are always everywhere, so I need not go into details with You. Fill me with Your Spirit, Father, fill me with Your love, fill me with Your compassion Father, so I can take this lesson to heart. Remove all idols from my life, and make me aware where I am sinning against You, in Jesus's Mighty name, AMEN!

Here's some pictures of the sweethearts (they are at the Larimer County Humane Society if you want a pair of great cats. But they should be taken as a pair as they comfort each other…):

Kitty sibling pair sleeping on my bed
Here's the kitties sleeping on my bed. The male was so friendly, would cuddle up right on my chest. The female on right, not so much, but she was warming up by day two…


The female feeding
Female feeding on Halloween evening, 10/31/2016. They are a sibling Domestic Shorthairs, about 5-6 months old.


Sibling pair of kitties feeding, domestic shorthairs
Both at the feeding. Very hungry, poor things! The female  is on the right and is distinctly lighter in color.


Kitty siblings in the kennel waiting for the Larimer County Humane Society to open
Here's the sibling pair snoozing in the kennel waiting for the Larimer County Humane Society to open. This was the time for tears, but after freaking out, they settled down to the inevitable. God, please protect them, because they deserve better than they got…


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