The Cup of Salvation

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Submitted by Al.Reaud on Sun, 08/17/2014 - 11:43

This is Part Two of the series, and are notes taken from the sermon given by Pastor Jonathan Wiggins on Saturday, June 28, 2014.

I see Jesus in you!
► Deliverance is getting the bondage of sin out of you. We are delivered from that kind of thinking…
► Jesus came for the sick, not for the healthy…
► Heaven rejoices over one saved sinner!
► Reach out to people so that the Church on weekends isn't about you anymore.
► God is a father, that is why the lost ones are so important.
► It's all of our jobs to relay the message of Christ. The pastor can't do it all by himself.
► How to reach the lost:

  1. Take personal responsibility.
  2. Build relationship.
  3. Tell them your story.
  4. Invite them to weekend services (y'all who read this are definitely invited to Resurrection Fellowship!)
  5. They will experience: Celebration, Inspiration, Preparation, and Invitation.

► Strengthen the hospitality and welcome to newcomers.
► Be user friendly. Relate to the person.
► Growth track…
► Exodus 6:6-7 (The four cups of the Seder meal stand for Salvation, Deliverance, Redemption and Fulfillment.)

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