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Submitted by Al.Reaud on Sun, 09/22/2013 - 21:08

Praise Jesus! Finally the prodigal son comes home. It was great, kind of indescribable. No I didn't spout off and speak in tongues, or not much anyhow. And no, I don't have the peace of mind that I should right now, because there was an “interferer” there (my fault for letting what transpired before and after the baptism bother me, and I have to give that up to the Lord and the Holy Spirit, which I'm sharing because it feels necessary. The church is not blind to the issue, but we have to approach this with the mercy and loving kindness of Jesus Christ himself).

It's such an uplifting spiritual and emotional experience, that it is very hard to describe accurately. The peace of Jesus Christ fell upon me, at least for a time, and I got tingles, teary eyed, weak legs, a weird feeling that I can't describe in my head. Adult baptism, folks, is akin to a marriage. The bridegroom is Jesus Christ, and you are the bride. It's a holy matrimony, born of water and the Spirit. I'll never feel alone again, because Jesus will always be there, in the best and worst of times.

So where to now? Wherever the Lord leads… I want to be a warrior for Christ, but that may not be the path that the Holy Spirit wants. Maybe service, which I've been doing a bit of, is what the plan is. I, at this point, don't know. So why didn't I speak in tongues? You got to open up fully and have NO FEAR. Did I have fear? Probably… Now that I've been baptized, I can speak the truth about it. I've spoken in tongues all my life. Mostly while under the influence of marijuana, and probably not the Holy Spirit speaking either. It always sounded like Greek to me, no pun intended. That all stopped five weeks ago when I was initially delivered. Those five weeks seem like a long time ago, folks, and they have totally changed me.

So if you got issues that you can't deal with, that your church can't help you with, come check out All Nations Church, 1412 Webster in Fort Collins. You don't have to be a believer, and we're not looking to convert you from your faith. Wednesday's at 6:30 is a good time to visit, because that is bible study, then deliverance ministry. We're ALL brothers and sisters in Christ, and the last thing we want is the type of relationship of believers that the Sunnis and Shia have over in the Middle East. Come with an open mind, and with an honest desire to be delivered from your oppression (that you may not even know you have), and we'll help.

Thinks of this as something akin to MASH (Mobile Army Surgical Hospital), which I've come to call GASH (God's Army Spiritual Hospital). We preform triage of the spirit, and as I can honestly and truthfully testify, it worked for me. In finishing, I want to thank all those that attended, and I give special thanks to the awesome person that started me on the path to return. On that person I wish special blessing from the bottom of my heart and soul! It's not a debt, BTW, but just giving credit where credit is due…

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